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Armageddon! – The Official Newsletter of In The Court of the Wenton King

  Unnecessary Premium Content – tick Website – tick Twitter Account – tick (@wentonking) Newsletter…. TICK That’s right.  In The Court Of The Wenton King are pleased to announce the launch of our brand new newsletter.  Armageddon! (in… Read More

Close To The Edge – The Re-Review 2! Kev’s Comeback.

Editor’s note – this is a response to Sam’s re-review which can be found here. The road to Prog is paved with good intentions.  That doesn’t mean it has to end up with at a dinner date with… Read More

Request A Band …

If you would like to request a band or an album leave a comment below and we’ll add it to the list.  Please have a look at the list before submitting.  When we’ve got a nice little collection… Read More

Close to the Edge by Yes

Close To The Edge by Yes – A Review

Close to the Edge “What we have here are a gay couple of witless dicks who are full of shit.” (TheYairisan, 2016) Yes has a dedicated following, not unlike Scientology1 and I had been slightly-kind of-extremely dismissive of… Read More

Use Your Illusion – The Wenton Remix

We set ourselves the task of doing a mix of Use Your Illusion which could actually fit on one LP and not two 70 minute albums… After literally several minutes of ‘what d’ya reckon?’ and ‘how about this?’… Read More