Sometimes Sad: The Pink Floyd Reviews

In The Court of The Wenton King Presents Sometimes Sad – The Pink Floyd Reviews Please let us know if it isn’t available in your country – we have to add them manually.

Now available in: – Australia – Brazil – Canada – Denmark – Italy – Netherlands – Norway – Sweden – United Kingdom – United States.

  • Guaranteed to annoy fans with a pointless combination of fanboy fawning and overly critical diatribe
  • Every song reviewed trivialising classics with brief dismissive waffle
  • Stupid fat near middle-aged men who weren’t even there offering their stupidly ignorant opinions about such a classic band
  • Reviews filled with facts everyone already knows plus plenty that are probably wrong
  • The Wall review runs at 1:15:47 of lists of pointless facts (yep- almost as long as the album)
  • Dark Side of The Moon review runs at 50:55 of lists of pointless facts (actually longer than the album. Awful!)
  • Includes the three bootleg reviews already publicly available for no reason
  • Critically low (but no lower than normal) production values
  • A complete rip off and of no value to anyone living or dead – Definitely no refunds given the level of inevitable disappointment

1. Piper At The Gates of Dawn 25:28
2. Relics and What Happened To Syd 17:47
3. A Saucerful of Secrets 13:21
4. More 10:39
5. The Man and The Journey 23:15
6. Ummagumma Studio 19:23
7. Ummagumma Live 16:03
8. Atom Heart Mother 17:12
9. Meddle 25:17
10. Paris Theater 71 * 17:26
11. Obscured By Clouds 18:34
12. Dark Side of The Moon 50:55
13. Brighton Dome Jan 72 * 16:50
14. Wish You Were Here 31:36
15. Animals 19:49
16. Oakland 77 * 17:39
17. The Wall 1:15:47
18. The Final Cut 30:44
19. Momentary Lapse of Reason 19:40
20. Division Bell 26:28
21. The Endless River 14:49
Appendix A. Live Albums and Compilations 17:01
Appendix B. Stuff We Might Have Missed 8:42

What People Have Said About Our Pink Floyd Reviews:

How do we purchase them, exactly?

“This video requires payment to watch”–why?

At that length I’d much rather an audio only version I can listen to whilst working.

Are you kidding me??? You guys should absolutely NOT be charging ANYTHING for your reviews…… Do I need to name any of the 100 reasons why that is completely ridiculous and unacceptable? I’ll give you one of the best reasons; I will go to Amazon and BUY THE ACTUAL CD and MAKE UP MY OWN MIND just as i have done for the last 30 years. Besides the fact that many times you are guys are ill informed. I actually like(d) your reviews but after seeing this in regards to charging MONEY for a nerdy REVIEW, not a performance of the actual music mind you, a REVIEW, (still trying to wrap my head around this) you guys are a thing of the past for me. That’s unfortunate. I am a professional musician for the last 25 years so, I will continue to find out and investigate music the way I’ve always done so, BUYING THE RECORDS and learning the music from the records in many cases and make up my own mind. LOL. what a concept…..