Storia Di Un Minuto by PFM – Review

A brand new band this week!  Premiata Formeria Marconi.  A great Italian band that invented the radio.  Which is great.  Seriously this is an interesting foray into proper Southern European prog.  This is a mashup of Italian Opera… Read More

The Jester Race by In Flames

A band we had never heard of at the cutting edge of melodic death metal … according to Wikipedia anyway.  This is their first album with a solid lineup and it’s been requested.  Cool let’s review the sucker…. Read More

Uriah Heep – In The Court of the Wenton King Playlist

We’ve banged our heads together and come up with this.  It was a bit of a struggle getting the album into the 45 minute area but we think this is a really good playlist.  If you’re not sure… Read More

Demons and Wizards

Demons and Wizards by Uriah Heep

Demons and Wizards the breakout Uriah Heep album!  Apparently this was very well received apparently.  Even Rolling Stone magazine liked it, not that, that means too much.  But really, a few personnel changes, a bucket load of sales… Read More

Look At Yourself

Look At Yourself by Uriah Heep.

Look At Yourself More Uriah Heep!  Yay.  Probably the worlds worst cover ever.  We reviewed Salisbury last time with pretty good results.  Will Look At Yourself be a winner?  Maybe… Look At Yourself is Uriah Heeps third album… Read More

Salisbury by Uriah Heep.  In the Court of the Wenton King Review

Uriah Heep’s second album. Seventies bliss after a run of eighties and nineties ridiculousness.

Chinese Democracy by G 'n R

Chinese Democracy By Guns ‘n Roses. An In The Court of the Wenton King Review

Chinese Democracy by G ‘n R More Guns ‘n Roses.  How did we ever get to the point where we’ve reviewed about 300 minutes of Guns ‘n Roses after vowing never to review any of it?  But here… Read More

Use Your Illusion I and II By Guns n’ Roses Review. In The Court of The Wenton King

In The Court of The Wenton King review Use Your Illusion I and II By Guns n’ Roses. Use your Illusion I 1. “Right Next Door to Hell”   Axl Rose, Izzy Stradlin, Timo Caltia 3:02 2. “Dust N’… Read More

Disco Volante by Mr. Bungle

In The Court of The Wenton King review Disco Volante By Mr Bungle 1. “Everyone I Went to High School with Is Dead” Trevor Dunn Dunn 2:45 2. “Chemical Marriage” Trey Spruance 3:09 3. “Sleep (Part II): Carry… Read More

Pride and Glory by Zakk Wylde

We’re back! In The Court of The Wenton King review Pride and Glory By Zak Wylde 1. Losin’ Your Mind 2. Horse Called War 3. Shine On 4. Lovin’ Woman 5. Harvester of Pain 6. The Chosen One… Read More