Storia Di Un Minuto by PFM – Review

A brand new band this week!  Premiata Formeria Marconi.  A great Italian band that invented the radio.  Which is great.  Seriously this is an interesting foray into proper Southern European prog.  This is a mashup of Italian Opera and Suicide Metal.  It sounds great!

Not really.

You should really consider owning this album if you don’t already own it!

When I come back from the flooring shop I’ll put some affiliate links up so that you can buy it and give us some money at the same time 😉  Or just type ‘Storia In Minuto’ into Amazon or something.  It’s bound to come up.

Affiliate Links:

Amazon UK – Storia Di Un Minuto
Amazon US – Storia Di Un Minuto

iTunes – Storia di un minuto – Premiata Forneria Marconi (PFM)


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