The Power and The Glory by Gentle Giant

In The Court of The Wenton King review The Power and The Glory by Gentle Giant.

1. Proclamation
2. So Sincere
3. Aspirations
4. Playing The Game
5. Cogs in Cogs
6. No God’s a Man
7. The Face
8. Valedictory

Albums Released in 1974:
RTF – When Have I Known You Before
Judas Priest – Rocka-Rolla
King Crimson – Red
David Bowie – Diamond Dogs
Camel – Mirage
Yes – Relayer
Tangerine Dream – Phaedra
David Bowie – David Live
Zappa – Roxy and Elsewhere
Renaissance – Turn of Cards
Deep Purple – Burn
Zappa – Apostrophe (‘)
Jethro Tull – War Child

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