Listen To This Eddie by Led Zeppelin

In The Court of The Wenton King Review Listen To This Eddie (21/06/77) By Led Zeppelin.
Named because Eddie Kramer said they sounded rubbish live and this doesn’t sound rubbish live is actually sounds ace.
So they named it Listen To This Eddie because Eddie Kramer thought they sounded bad live but they actually didn’t for this one gig at least or something. Turns out they weren’t rubbish live at this point so Eddie was wrong. Hence, Listen To This, Eddie. Eddie Should listen to this. Some people think it’s about Van Halen but we don’t. So don’t assume that it’s about Eddie Van Halen because we think it’s about Eddit Kramer who said they sound rubbish live.

1. The Song Remains The Same
2. The Rover/Sick Again
3. Nobody’s Fault But Mine
4. Over The Hills and Far Away
5. Since I’ve Been Loving You
6. No Quarter
7. Ten Years Gone
8. The Battle of Evermore
9. Going To California
10. Black Country Woman
11. Bron-Yr-Aur Stomp
12. White Summer/Black Mountain Side
13. Kashmir
14. Out On The Tiles/Over The Top
15. Heartbreaker
16. Guitar Solo/Star Spangled Banner
17. Achilles Last Stand
18. Stairway To Heaven
19. Whole Lotta Love/Rock and Roll

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